Final Fantasy Opus - Water Crystal Cup

30/01/2019 13:49
Final Fantasy Opus - Water Crystal Cup

It's time to reveal the second location, for the Final Fantasy Opus Water Crystal Cup. Partnering up with Athena Games to present you the Water Crystal Cup - What do you need to know?

Athena Games
9 St Gregory’s Alley

United Kingdom

Date and Time:
The Event will be hosted on the 4th and 5th May.
Doors will open at 10:00 AM and the Tournament will start at 11:00 AM.

This is event is limited to 150 Players and the Tickets can be brought here:

This Event will feature the limited Format – Draft as well.

Day 1: Constructed Swiss-Rounds based on the number on Participants. (Best-of-One)

Day 2: Top 32 Draft (Best-of-One) followed by a Top 8-Cut (Best-of-Three) in Constructed again

The Points from Day 1 will be carried into the Draft-Rating - you will Draft in Tables of 8 Players, but you can face all Players.
What is different in Competitive-Draft?

• You need to build a deck of at least 40 Cards

• You only need to deal 6 damage to win the game

• You can have more than 3 copies of each card in your deck

• You will draft 6 packs of Opus 8

• All other normal rules apply!

You will play 4 Rounds of Draft on Day 2 and the Points will be combined with the Points from Day 1 to determinate the Top 8 which will play best-of-three constructed with the decks they used on Day 1!

Some more information about Draft:

• The Draft is only for Day 2 and only for the Top 32 Players, all other players can participate in a Side-Event of course

• The Draft will be using stamped cards and all cards will be non-foil. The Foil Card will be randomly replaced by different non-foil card from the Set. All the Foil Cards will be added as Extra Price Support.

• The Draft will be timed, and you are only allowed to look at your Picks after each completed pack.

• The Points from Day 1 will be carried into Day 2, this means that the Swiss will continue for 4 more Rounds and all Tiebreakers will remain as well, this realized with Cross-Pairing - this means you can play against players outside your Draft-Table but still players with the same (or similar) numbers of Wins. Your Day2-Round 1 Opponent will be on the same Table, sitting 3 spaces away from you in each direction.

Prizes and Side-Events:
We will announce all Side-Events and the Prizes soon.
The Winner will receive his Slot at this year's World Championship in USA with his flight and accommodation sorted by us.
The whole Top 4 will also qualify for this year's European Championship
Every Participant will receive a unique Participation item and there will be more special prizes for sure.

Travel, Parking, and Accommodation:

The store is located in Norwich's city centre and is 10 minutes away from the train station on foot. Alternatively, take a taxi and ask to be dropped off near the Mash Tun on St Benedict’s Street.

If you are travelling by car, St. Andrews Car Park, and St. Giles Multi Storey Car Park are only 5 minutes away by foot. You can find more information on those two car parks here:

St. Andrews Car Park:

St. Giles Multi Storey Car Park:

For players from further afield, Norwich Airport offers regular flights to Amsterdam Schiphol, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Manchester.

Looking to stay the night? There is a Premier Inn just 5 minutes away on Duke Street: