Gamegenic TCG Accessories

We are pleased to introduce a new line of trading card game accessories from Gamegenic. Gamegenic offers a wide range of affordable quality accessories for your trading card games.

Deck Boxes

Store your TCG deck in style with Gamegenic deck boxes. Whether you like to store your deck top-loaded or sideloaded, Gamegenic deck boxes have something for everyone.

Gamegenic Deck Holder

The classic Gamegenic Deck Holder is a PP deck box that is ultra-affordable, lightweight and durable. The Deck Holder is ideal for those who are looking for bright coloured deck boxes that can suit their deck theme or personality.

Available as 80+ Deck Holder and 100+ Deck Holder and top or side loading.

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Gamegenic 100 Deck Holder
Gamegenic 100+ Deck Holder Card Deck Box
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Gamegenic 100 Deck Holder
Gamegenic 80+ Deck Holder Card Deck Box
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Gamegenic 80+ Side Holder Card Deck Box
Gamegenic 80+ Side Holder Card Deck Box

Gamegenic Squire Deck Box

The Squire deck box from Gamegenic offers superior build quality, and protection for you trading card deck, while holding up to 100 sleeved cards.

Squire has a textured case available in a range of colours. Perfect to suit your deck theme. The ultra-strong magnets keep the deck box closed and your trading cards safe.

The Gamegenic Squire deck box is ideal for standard and Japanese playing card sizes. Great for TCG such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super TCG, Final Fantasy Opus and many more.

What’s more, the Squire deck box has interchangeable parts. You and use the lid of one deck box on another creating hundreds of combinations of colours to further customise your TCG deck box.

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Gamegenic Squire 100 Card Deck Box

Gamegenic Sidekick Deck Box

Much like the Squire deck box, the Sidekick deck box is an outstanding deck box from Gamegenic, while allowing you to store your cards sideways.

With the same brilliant colour options and textured case as the Squire deck box, you can ensure that all your card accessories match.

Easily create your own colour combinations using different parts from multiple Gamegenic Sidekick deck boxes.

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Game Genic Sidekick Deck Box

Gamegenic Stronghold Deck Box

The Gamegenic Stronghold is the ultimate deck box for players. This deck box allows you to hold two full decks and features a tray for token and dice.

Mix and match your Gamegenic Stronghold compartments and closures to create unique colour combinations that match your deck theme

Gamegenic Classic Album

The Gamegenic Classic Album binder is available in two sizes, 18 pocket or 8 pockets.

The 18 pocket Gamegenic binder can hold 360 sleeve cards. It features 20 pages in rows of 3×3 cards, front and back.

The 8 pocket binder holds 160 in rows of 4×4 cards, front and back.

Never lose your cards, or have them fall out again. Each of the Gamegenic Classic Album pages is sideloaded for anti-shake protection.

The colour options for the Gamegenic Classic Album binder are vibrant and playful. Categorise your collections, match your deck boxes and show off your personal flair. Each page within the binder is coloured making these great for showing your card collection off.

These binders offer an affordable and modern way for you to display your trading cards and features a wide, reinforced stitched elastic strap to keep your binder closed.