Magic: The Gathering – War of the Spark

Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark

Magic the Gathering have announced the release of their upcoming new expansion War of the Spark. Releasing in the UK 27th April 2019. Taking place on Ravnica, we know the set will not be themed around the guilds and signals the end of the current Nicol Bolas centered Gatewatch arc. 

The War of the Spark release will include the War of the Spark Planeswalker deck and deck display, Deckbuilder’s Toolkit, Theme Booster, Booster Pack/Display and the War of the Spark Bundle. The Planeswalker decks will contain a foil Planeswalker card only available in the decks. The Planeswalker deck displays will come with six decks each, meaning three copies of two decks. Meanwhile, the booster packs will contain the standard fifteen randomized cards from the set. The Booster Display will contain thirty-six packs.

You can pre-order your War of the Spark boosters and planeswalker sets right here: Preorder Now

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