The latest information on COVID-19 Deliveries & Orders

During these uncertain times, we are doing everything we can to follow guidelines and ensure the safety of our staff. We have implemented a firm Social Distancing which has allowed us to continue to operate our services. Processing orders require staff to come into contact with others, we have therefore put in place reductions in our dispatch services to ensure the safety of our staff. We also hope that this will ease the delivery networks when more people than ever are trying to get essential items delivered

We will continue to update this page for any changes to our service so please check back when ordering or contacting us for the latest information.

Current dispatch times:
5-8 working days (Monday – Friday).
No orders are dispatched or processed on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday.

Current Royal Mail status:
Royal Mail advises they are doing their best to run a good service at this time, however, delays may be experienced. Please allow up to 10 days after dispatch for deliveries to arrive. You can find out the latest information from Royal Mail at

International deliveries:
We are currently unaware of any international delays. However please note your local area may have delays due to the pandemic.

UPDATE 26TH Jan 2021

As we moved into the new year we were unfortunately hit with another national lockdown. This has resulted in many delays with stock arriving with us but also with our ability to process orders. We are still shipping orders, however we are currently are working on a 5-8 day processing time. Please bare with us, we are getting your orders out as soon as we can.

The ColThat! UK Team

UPDATE 12TH November 2020

With the current national lockdown in the UK, we are aware that this has resulted in longer than usual delivery times with Royal Mail. Royal Mail is doing everything they can to get your order to you however please keep in mind that deliveries may arrive later than usual. Royal Mail is advising to allow 10 working days for delivery.

The ColThat! UK Team

Update 7th August 2020

We would firstly like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and understanding during these uncertain times. While we are far from back to normal our services as continuing and we continue to try and provide the best service we possibly can.

As we continue to move through this pandemic we are now seeing more local lockdowns and restrictions around the UK. Please keep this in mind when placing your orders as areas affected by local restrictions can expect to see increased delays in Royal Mail’s network, and those who do not live in a restricted area may still experience delays as your mail may pass through an area with local restrictions on it’s way to you.

We are based in Leicester, which currently has local restrictions in place so delays in Royal Mail’s services are to be expected.

We thank you again for your support

The ColThat! UK Team.

Altered Opening Times

We will now only operate Monday to Friday till further notice. While remote staff will still answer emails no orders will be dispatched or processed on  Saturday or Sunday.

Finally, we would thank all of our customers for their patience, understanding and support during these times and wish you all the best.

The ColThat! UK Team