High Demand Product Restrictions Policy

Some items we stock are in very high demand and often the demand outweighs supply. In these cases, we put restrictions on the purchase of items and limit the quantity that you can purchase. 

When additional stock becomes available you are welcome to purchase again, even if there are limits in place and you previously purchased the item.

We do this for the fairness of all within the community to ensure as many people as possible can receive high demand items at a fair retail price.

We take an active approach against those who purchase items purely for profitable gains, often known as scalpers. We want the community to be able to have access to items for enjoyment and believe they should have the first opportunity to enjoy products.

To ensure we get products to as many as possible we rigorously enforce the item quota.

We do this by:

  1. Manually checking each order placed with high demand items to prevent multiple purchases.
  2. Cancelling all orders placed where we find multiple orders for restricted items
  3. Suspending accounts In severe cases, including subsequent accounts created by those who try to break our policy.

What does per person mean?

We refer to our limits per person, this includes any instance where an individual may be trying to purchase an item for someone else or asking someone else to purchase an item for them.

We use a combination of technologies and manual checks to confirm if the item is a unique purchase and not a repeated purchase.

We consider a unique purchase to be, but not limited to, any of the following:

A single account
A single email address
A single payment method 
A single name
A single billing address
A single delivery address
A single device