Dragon Ball Super TCG B08 Malicious Machinations – Booster Pack

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Dragon Ball Super TCG B08 Malicious Machinations – Booster Pack

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Malicious Machinations Dragon Ball Super B08 Booster Pack contains 12 random cards from the Malicious Machinations Dragon Ball Super TCG expansion.

Release Highlights:

Terrible warriors birthed by monstrous minds. When destructive villains and noble heroes clash, who will be left standing when the dust settles? Assemble heroic might to lead SSG Goku to victory.

Bulma: A scientist with a heart of gold makes her stand with the will to challenge a god.

Super Baby 2: He means business. Power down your opponent’s leader card and mount a devastating onslaught.

Dr. Uiro: A mad scientists maniacal resurrection. Use the power of science to make Dr. Uiro’s terrifying schemes a reality.

Androids: They’re back and stronger than ever!

Android 21 arrives: Create a clone token army to sate your sweet tooth!

Hatchyyack makes his hateful debut: Lock down your opponent’s options and control the board.

2 brand new keyword skills:

Offering: Presents opponents with a painful choice. They can either lose a life or let you draw 2 cards, either way; you win!

Revive: Bring a Battle Card back from the Drop Aren immediately after being KO’d! when a card with revive gets knocked out, place the specified cards in your Drop Area to put it back in action.

2 spectacular brand new rarities: Noble Heroes and Ignoble Villains.

3 secret rares: The most ever!

The Dragon Ball Super Malicious Machinations expansion contains a total of 237 card types with varying rarities:

  • Common (normal/foil) x60
  • Uncommon (normal/foil) x30
  • Rare x18
  • Super Rare x16
  • Special Rare x10
  • Noble Hero Rare x5
  • Ignoble Villain Rare x5
  • Secret Rare x3


Specification: Dragon Ball Super TCG B08 Malicious Machinations – Booster Pack

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