Magic the Gathering – War of the Spark Booster Pack

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Magic the Gathering – War of the Spark Booster Pack


Contains 1 booster pack with 15 cards to expand your game play collection.

We Have a Fight to Finish
War of the Spark is the most ambitious Magic: The Gathering card set ever. With 36 Planeswalker cards and a cinematic story experience unlike anything Magic fans have seen before, it’s all-out war, and everything’s at stake.

Will you join the fight?

The Ultimate Battle
A single planeswalker is a force to be reckoned with. An army of planeswalkers represents enough raw power to reshape the world—or destroy it. Planeswalkers from countless worlds have converged for an all-out war that will decide the fate of the Multiverse.

A Planeswalker in Every Pack
Dozens of planeswalkers from across the multiverse unite on Ravnica to make their stand against Nicol Bolas. The set includes 36 different planeswalker cards, including one in every booster pack. (Rarity varies between uncommon and mythic rare.)

New and Returning Mechanics
New keyword “Amass” strengthens your creatures or creates new ones—the ever-growing army of Nicol Bolas as he continues is his assualt on Ravnica. Returning favorite Proliferate rains counters on creatures, players, or planeswalkers, that already have them.

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