Venusaur V Battle Deck - Pokemon Trading Card Game

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VENUSAUR V battle Deck

Hone That Double-Edge-with Venusaur V!


Powerful Pokemon V are ready to charge onto the battlefield in the new Pokemon TCG: V Battle Decks! Each 60-card deck is led by a valiant Pokemon V and includes everything you need to play right away. Let the battle begin!


Loaded with skill and sunshine, Venusaur V has razor-sharp foliage and a set of powerful friends, including the darting Yanmega and a swarm of Durant! Bede keeps the Energy moving, Sonial keeps your hand full of options, and Evolution Incense means you can power up your Bench! Indeedee and Eldegoss bring their own attacks to keep Venusaur V Battle Deck green and strong!


This set includes: 

• 1 ready-to-play 60-card deck

• 3 reference cards

• 1 rules booklet

• Single-player playmat

 Damage counters

• 1 large metallic coin

• 1 deck box

• 1 Quick Guide to unlock the strategies within

• 1 code card to play this deck online


Play level: 1


Venusaur V Battle Deck List:

• Venusaur V x 1

• Yanmega x 2

• Yanma x 3

• Gogoat x 2

• Skiddo x 3

• Eldegoss x 1

• Gossifleur x 2

• Durant x 3

• Heracross x 2

• Indeedee x 2

• Bede x 2

• Dan x 4

• Evolution Incense x 1

• Great Ball x 2

• Gym Trainer x 2

• Hop x 4

• Pokemon Catcher x 1

• Potion x 2

• Sonia x 1

• Switch x 2

• Grass Energy x 18

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Specification: Venusaur V Battle Deck – Pokemon Trading Card Game


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